The members of Estudio Martínez, Solana & Oriolo have resolved the preparation and approval of this Operating Protocol, in order to establish the minimum standards for the provision of their services, which are assumed as a public commitment with the people who require their advice and with your customers.

    These quality standards complement, and in some cases exceed, those established by the Inlaw® Alliance to which our Firm has been integrated in November 2005.

    The members of the Firm recognize the usefulness of establishing this methodological work tool as a guide to standardize the internal and external procedures of the firm.

    The Protocol has been elaborated establishing principles  that regulate the activities of the main partners, of the associates and of the collaborators of the firm, among themselves and in relation to the consultants and clients of theFirm.


    • Integrity.
    • Professional  ethics.
    • Professional quality
    • Responsibility.
    • Service vocation.
    • Collaboration with the client.
    • Initiative.
    • Teamwork.


    The members of the Firm assume the commitment to act in accordance with explicit values.

    The profile of each member of the Firm is determined by the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for the exercise of the specific function assigned to him / her.

    The incorporation of new members, as well as the promotion to higher positions of the Studio's professionals, will be done by unanimous resolution of the main partners, within dialogue, consultation and organized participation of all members of the firm.



    The Firm assumes the methodology of work by project for the best  attention of each case.

    Each project is in charge of one of the main partners of the firm who designates, according to the content of the case, the professionals who collaborate in its management and development.

    The Firm holds weekly meetings in which all its members participate, aiming to inform about each of the cases in management, so that each and every one of the members can evacuate general queries about each and every one of the matters in process.

    It is directly and principally responsible to the client, the partner in charge of the subject in question.

    The client is informed in writing (by the means of his choice: postal correspondence, email, fax, or others) of the status of the matters contracted with theFirm. The punctuality and detail of this information is the responsibility of the partner in charge.

    The members of the Firm are aware that every organization is determined by the ability of its members to communicate. That is why they assume the commitment of promoting the best practices to ensure courtesy, respect, cordiality and honesty in the daily intercourse with each other, and with the consultants and clients of the firm.


    All the members of the Firm have facilities to attend training, updating and specialization activities, for which purpose they must delegate in another of its members those tasks that require attention during their absences, communicating each circumstance to one of the main partners.

    Likewise, in the weekly meetings the members of the Firm can inform about the academic, jurisprudential and legislative novelties that are of interest.


    In general, customer service will be promoted by appointment. In this case it is the responsibility of the Firm assistant to agree with the required professional on the date and time of the meeting.

    If a professional agrees directly with a client to make an appointment, he / she must inform the assistant within 24 hours, so that the agenda of the Firm  is carried out in an orderly manner.

    All calls are answered on the day of receipt. If the required professional is not in the office, this circumstance will be brought to the client's attention and he or she will be suggested to be assisted by another of the members of the Firm.

    All emails are answered within 24 hours of receipt.

    If the professional withdraws from the office for a period exceeding 24 hours, he must inform one of the main partners and delegate the matters in which he participates in another member of the Firm designated by the member.


    The consultations will be evacuated in the desk of the partner in charge, with the presence of the members of the Firm designated for their attention, if necessary.

    Given the validity of the Law on Professional Practice, the duty of confidentiality extends to all those present at each meeting.

    The partner in charge decides if the consultation is charged to the client's account or free of charge, and must report it at the weekly meeting.

    If the consultations were written, they will be signed by the partner in charge.


    The Firm will only receive original documentation, upon receipt, when it is necessary for the management of the matter.

    In all other cases, photocopies of the documentation will be made.

    When the original documentation is returned to the client, he or she will be asked to sign a confirmation receipt.


    In the cases in which the information systems of the competent organisms allow it, the partner will communicate to the client the way to access their procedure through the Internet.


    The Firm establishes as criteria to determine its fees:

    The Law on Professional Duties, in force.

    The professional hours devoted to the matter.

    The complexity of the case.

    The expenses and fees corresponding to each matter will be presented in a previous budget, in writing, to the client. All budgets must be approved by one of the main partners.

    Once the budget is approved, the Firm will enter into a contract for the lease of services, or work, where appropriate, with the client, in which the commitments assumed by the Firm and by the client will be established.


    This Protocol may be modified unanimously by the main partners, within the spaces for interlocution, consultation and organized participation of all the members of the firm, and as long as these modifications are to the benefit of the clients of the Firm
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