Nadia Subotiak
    Graduated  from the University of Buenos Aires as lawyer and member of the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital since 2004.

    She began her career as a volunteer attorney at the Poder  Ciudadano Foundation, collaborating in the research project: "Observatory of Contests for the Selection Commission of the National Magistracy Council " and attention to cases of public interest (impact of rights of collective incidence).

    In the academic field, Dr. Subotiak was assistant to the subject "Constitutional  Foundations of Private Law" by the Deputy Professor, Dr. Emilio Ibarlucía, Dalla Vía Chair, since March 2003. She completed the Teaching Career at the Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires, pedagogical courses and specialization workshops.

    She has done postgraduate studies, among them: "The rights of the child in international law and human rights"; X Specialization Course: "Jurisdictional Protection of the Rights of the Child" for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, organized by the Diego Portales University, Faculty of Law Santiago de Chile and UNICEF; "Introduction to Legislative Technique", dictated by Dr. Héctor Pérez Bourbon, Directorate of the National Training System INAP; "VI Course of Introduction to Clinical and Social Bioethics", within the framework of the Program of Permanent Education in Bioethics of the UNESCO Redbioethics; "Women and Human Rights" issued by the National Directorate of Training in Human Rights, Undersecretary for the Promotion of Human Rights, Secretariat of Human Rights of the Nation; "Genders, Sexualities and Human Rights", developed by the National Directorate for Training in Human Rights.  She holds a master's degree in "Human Rights, State and Society" issued by UNTREF and the National Human Rights Secretariat.

    Currently, she is Legal Advisor of the National Secretariat of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism; coordinates the Human Rights delegations in the different provinces of the country on issues related to the rights of children and adolescents, disabled people; older adults; gender and violence against women for the Federal Council of Human Rights. 

    She dictates courses, workshops and is an assiduous speaker on those issues. Performs the institutional articulation with areas of the Secretariat and other national government agencies as well as local ones.
    She was also a Legal Advisor in the National Directorate of Attention to Groups in a Vulnerability Situation and legal adviser in the National Directorate for the Development of Human Rights normative.
    She was a member of the technical team as a legal advisor to the National Council of Bioethics and Human Rights; Legal advisor on issues related to Bioethics and Human Rights (informed consent, refusal of treatment and dignified death, biomedical research, among others); Niñ @ Sur Initiative: Member of the technical team of the National Direction of Attention to Groups in Vulnerability Situation that represents the National Human Rights Secretariat in the Permanent Commission for the Implementation of the Niñ @ Sur Initiative, in the field of the Meetings of High Authorities in Human Rights and Foreign Ministries of MERCOSUR and Associated States.

    Participating in Projects such as the proposal of an Advisory Opinion by the MERCOSUR group before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (later continued by the Institute of Public Policies on Human Rights of MERCOSUR- IPPDH- and resulting in the OC- 21/14 Rights and Guarantees of Girls and Boys in the Context of Migration and / or in Need of International Protection); preparation of a Legislative Database on legislation regarding to children and adolescents in the Region; promotion of a draft Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on individual communications.


    CONAETI: Representative of the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Nation before the Commission for the Eradication of Child Labor (CONAETI) within the scope of the National Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.  Participation of the plenary meetings of CONAETI and member of the Legal Affairs Subcommittee. From this Subcommittee, projects were developed that resulted in the laws of raising the minimum age for admission to employment - law 26.390-; criminalization of the use of child labor - law 26.847-; issues related to girls and boys in the law of private home workers - 26,844-, among others.


    She has been Legal Advisor to the Unit for the Eradication of Child Sexual Exploitation, National Direction of Attention to Groups in Vulnerability Situation.


    She worked offering Legal technical advice to legislators in the provinces of Catamarca, Entre Ríos, Córdoba, Misiones and Corrientes, in the field of Human Rights, Public International Law, National Law on the Rights of Children and Adolescents.
    She is currently a student of the Update Program in Constitutional Law and Procedural Law Deepened, postgraduate department of the Faculty of Law of the UBA.
    Her professional activity is mainly concentrated in the consultancy of the civil law areas.
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