Francisco José Oriolo
    Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as lawyer  in 1980. Specialist in Aeronautical law graduated from the National Institute of Aeronautical and Space Law, (1986).

    He completed a Master's in Business Law at the Austral University, (2000/2001), updating such postgraduate programs with the assistance and intervention in different symposia and National and International Congresses related to his specializations.

    Actively participates in the annual Seminars on updating jurisprudence, doctrine and corporate and bankruptcy strategies, organized by the Foundation for Research and Development of the Legal Sciences.

    Dr. Oriolo developed his professional activities in both the public and private spheres. In the public political area, he worked as a career civil servant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, having worked as a diplomat in the Argentine Embassy in Peru (1988-1992).

    He officially participated in the country and abroad in congresses and bilateral meetings with gravitation on issues of International Security and Strategy, being a speaker of International Conflicts and Security Policy, in areas of Federal Justice, Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires and at Military Institutes.

    At the private level, he set up a legal Firmjointly with other professionals, particularly oriented to advising about air transport and health to medium-sized companies , intervening not only in the theme of acquisition and rating of aircraft but in all legal issues that concern the comprehensive advice of these companies, both in the commercial and civil aspects that also involve damages liability.

    Subsequent to his master's degree at the Austral University, and already fully dedicated to private activity, he broadened the spectrum of legal advice to medium-sized industries in the food industry, transport, the plastics industry and others;  actively intervening in commercial litigation, civil, tributary and criminal activities involving these companies or their members, as well as advising them in their import and export activities, in commercial contracts of various kinds and in the prevention of conflicts.
    Francisco José Oriolo
    Francisco José
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