Angeles Solana
    Graduated  from the University of Buenos Aires and member of the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital since 2005.
    At an academic level, she was a professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires in the field of Private International Law.
    Dr. Solana specialized in business law in general and in entertainment law in particular, being a legal advisor to numerous artists and national production companies.

    Since joining the MS y Asociados Firm in 2010, she turned to labor law to become a senior partner in the area. She completed a master's degree in Labor Law and International Labor Relations, constantly updating and improving herself in this and other areas of law at local universities (UBA, UNTREF, CEMA) and international universities (University of Castilla La Mancha -Spain-, University of Gdansk- Poland). She possesses broad vocation in generating international business for her clients and is Representative before the Inlaw Alliance of Law Firms since 2011.

    Advises clients on issues related to entertainment law (copyright, intellectual property, related rights, mass events) and works on legislation applicable to the music sector both in legislative areas and before the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.
    Her professional activity is mainly concentrated in the legal advice to companies and individuals in Labor Law.
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